Diving Facility and Diving Board Evaluation

Give your divers the best- Duraflex diving boards by DIVING BOARD SOLUTIONS- Brighton, Colorado. We offer diving facility evaluation to aid your staff with proper installation, maintenance, and repair knowledge. We want each facility to have safe, properly functioning equipment


Not sure about the true condition of your facility? Let us evaluate it. We are here to guide you towards Person Diving - Diving Boardsmaking your facility all it can be. We show you how to check all existing parts, placements, board, and overall facility conditions, helping you verify all aspects of your diving area to comply with FINA codes. Should you need repair or service, we will provide you with options for your facility. Diving facility evaluations and consultations are a great service offered to nationwide clientele to have their facilities maintained and performing at their highest level. If you would like us to come to your site, arrangements can be made.

New Installations

Whether a new pool or an existing facility, DIVING BOARD SOLUTIONS is here to provide you with information to ensure your equipment is installed correctly. A pre-install site assessment is required. For out-of-state customers, phone and online consultations can overcome  geographic separation.

Pricing & Estimates

Most cost estimates are provided after consultation. Estimates will include parts and freight. In the case of on-site consultiation services, labor rates and travel costs will be itemized. Every situation is unique. Contact us for a customized estimate and friendly advice about your facility.


Contact us in Brighton, Colorado, for more information about our diving facility evaluation and installation of diving boards