Diving Board Service & Board Refinishing

Keep your diving board in great condition with diving board tuneups and refurbishing services by DIVING BOARD SOLUTIONS. Springboards in proper condition allow athletes to safely dive at their highest level of ability. Let us help you provide that environment for your divers. Contact us for more specifics. We can often provide very valuable assistance via phone and internet.

Basic Tuneup Service

In order to help ensure the longevity of your equipment, we recommend a basic service of cleaning,  lubrication, replacement of  wearing parts, and adjustment. This will keep your boards in optimal performance condition. Proper lubrication will ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Component Replacement & Sales

Over time replacement of larger parts such as fulcrums, ladders, rails, and diving boards may be necessary in order to keep your facility safe and in proper working order. New boards, stands, and miscellaneous parts from Duraflex™ may be purchased from us and delivered right to you.

People Repairing Diving Board Base - Diving Board Repair



Smooth, worn diving boards may be the most common safety and performance issue facilities face. The only authorized refinishing process is provided by Duraflex International.  Contact us at (970) 227-7807 for more information about board surface refinishing.

Structural Repair and Assessment

According to manufacturer statistics, many diving boards and diving stands are installed improperly. This can cause faster wear and tear on your diving facility parts as well as potentially create an unsafe diving environment. Repair, renovation, and realignment of the mounting apparatus and diving board can significantly improve the longevity of your equipment and improve performance. An onsite or on-line evaluation may be a great way to ensure that. 

Contact us to find out more about our  diving board tuneup, repair and board  refinishing services.